17 Keys Kalimba



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Want A Magic Music Box Like The Gorgeous 17 Keys Kalimba?

The Kalimba thumb piano is easy to learn, its simple tune the Gorgeous 17 Keys Kalimba to the pitch you prefer and play each key into a rhyme.


  • Easy to Play – Use two thumbs to press the bars (tines) and let the music flow through you.
  • Convenient Size – Small and Portable Size makes taking with you on trips incredibly easy and convenient.  Take the music with you!
  • Solid Mahogany Wood – Produces better more holistic and naturally vibrant sounds. 
  • Small Size, Big sound – Includes solid ore bars (tines) that promote incredible music waves that will delight the ears and soul

How To Use:

  1. Find the tuner software – Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner
  2. Use hammer that comes with our kalimba to tune it
  3. When tuning the kalimba instrument making the tines longer makes the pitch lower and shorter will increase the pitch

Kalimba Instrument Thumb Piano Gorgeous 17 Keys

Package Includes: 17 key Kalimba, 1 Tuning Tool, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 amazing opportunity to produce music that soothes the soul.